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How I Help People Just Like You...

To Improve Your Business and Personal Life.
To Find More Joy, Vibrancy, and Fulfillment in Your Day.


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You SHOULD be on top of the world.

But instead you are...

Wondering if business & work always means ‘sacrificing your free time’?

Because it feels that way! You have so many balls in the air, trying to give 100% to everything and everyone. You know how to manage your time, plan and delegate - but there’s NEVER enough time. And by the end of each week, you’re ready to crash, feeling so frustrated that you never seem able to make enough progress.

Tired of being the one holding everything together?

You’d never complain - or admit it publicly – but sometimes, you feel the gut-wrenching pressure of always being the responsible one. You’re weary of being the person in charge. The one holding everything together – your business, work, family, relationship – which means what YOU need always seems to come last (if at all).

Struggling to balance work, family, social life and wellbeing?

You always feel like a bad friend / mother / sister / daughter / wife. When you’re at home, you feel guilty for not working. When you’re working, you feel guilty for not being at home. Your family get frustrated when you’re late for dinner (again) or miss that important thing at school. You keep promising it’ll all be worth it in the end. But it’s really starting to take its toll, in all areas of your life.

Missing a sense of fulfilment in your work?

Maybe you miss the excitement & enthusiasm of the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey – before it all got so complicated? When you were free to have amazing ideas, take action & make them happen. But these days, you feel more like you're surviving than thriving in your business. And you’re starting to feel there must be more to life.

And you’re not feeling great…

Let’s not talk about ALWAYS having sore shoulders and a tight neck. Because you’ve kind of just accepted that already. But maybe you’re just feeling…meh. Your digestion isn’t great. You lie in bed waiting for sleep, your mind full of all the things you need to do, organise & delegate. When you’re under the weather, you push through until it completely floors you & you’re filled with frustration that it’s slowing you down. You’d love a morning routine – but the business is waiting…

Does ANY of this sound familiar?

Maybe you have a successful business, career, amazing health, meaningful relationships and more than enough free time.

But do you have it ALL at once? Consistently?

High performers always want more. It’s in our DNA, that drive to do even better. We KNOW success comes from constant improvement and always striving for more.

But high performers are NOT sacrificing their sleep, health, relationships or freedom to grow their business.

And there IS a clear method and science behind how you can have it all too.

A clear plan, advanced strategies and the RIGHT guidance, to feel supported.

Imagine how would it feel to...

  • Start every day clear & focused, ready to execute and drive massive success in your business & work.
  • Feel balanced, calm and in control in ALL areas of your life.
  • Work LESS hours and achieve even more.
  • Get to every Friday feeling energized & on top - looking back at the major progress you’ve made in your business that week (and for your clients).
  • Feel fully alive, on purpose and engaged, every single day.
  • Move through your working days with more ease, joy and excitement - knowing your priorities and setting clear boundaries.
  • Going away for weekend trips with your family, to those places you’ve always planned to visit. And taking real time out for yourself…

I work with high achievers – like you – to reach the next level of success, happiness & fulfillment in life, business, & work.

WITHOUT missing time with your friends & family, sacrificing your own wellbeing OR draining every last drop of your energy. 

You deserve to enjoy a thriving business AND the journey to success.

It doesn’t HAVE to be one at the expense of the other.

And it’s possible - even necessary - to have consistent success. No more ups-and-downs of awesome weeks, only to crash afterwards because you pushed SO hard.

You‘ll learn how to master the science of having it all.

I’m Anastasia Lengyel
Certified High Performance Coach™

I’m trained in the most elite Certified High Performance Coaching training in the world. It’s science-based (which suits my solution-based personality!) and proven to deliver the results you need.

Thousands of people have successfully gone through this process with stunning results - even Oprah, presidents and top Olympic athletes.

It’s different from any coaching you’ve experienced before.

And my professional background offers a unique combination of skills and insight to my high-level coaching clients, too.

During my career as a soldier, I developed a disciplined, determined and solution-based mindset. I’m immensely proud of those years and the way in which this perspective translates into the high performance world of business.

But more than that, my brain automatically breaks down big goals. So you leave our sessions with exact, do-able action steps, without questioning how to cram them into your never-ending to-do list. 

So why choose to work with me?


I spent two whole years doing far too much. Working all hours & completing 5 hugely time-consuming professional qualifications. Neglecting my family, friends and anything else besides my business.

“I’m a former solider” I told myself, over & over again. “I’m strong enough. Others might collapse, but I'll push through it”.

I took pride in my ability to work hard and push hard, at all costs. It was beyond burning the candle at both ends.

Things came to a head when I was about to cancel my honeymoon. There was still SO much to do in my business. And I felt I couldn’t stop pushing & go on holiday for a few weeks, just for fun.

So when I say I know how it feels, to be a successful entrepreneur sacrificing your whole life for your business – truly, I get it.

The next day, something snapped. I KNEW the way I’d done things so far had to change. I went on our honeymoon & gave myself permission to enjoy it.


When I got back, I started completely re-organising how and where I spent my time. I changed my business AND my life, not only to have more time with my family – but so I never feel guilty anymore, sitting with them but thinking about work (or vice versa).

Today, I feel more focused & productive than ever in my business – but calm at the same time. It’s easy to decide where I spend my time and what’s most important, because I know and live my values and priorities.

My work brings me meaning and joy. That’s why I became an entrepreneur. I love supporting my clients to achieve their goals – both in business AND in life – and seeing them thrive.

And I’d LOVE to do the same for you!

Certified High Performance Coaching™

Here’s what’s included:

  • Every other week there is a 60-minute group coaching session using Zoom for video conferencing.  These are all about how you can achieve your big vision & goals, for your business AND your life
  • On the intervening weeks there is a 60-minute question and answer session to dive deeper into the concepts and answer your questions.
  • Step-by-step guidance - so you're never wondering what your next move should be
  • We’ll go deeper, working at a more substantial personal level than you may have ever experienced before. Rather than staying at the surface and finding ‘quick fixes’, we’ll examine your life and your role in life in a more spiritual context, to create the deeper level of meaning & satisfaction you’ve been searching for in your work AND your life.
  • And ongoing support in between our sessions, to keep you feeling motivated, energised, inspired and on track!

"Making a review of this years success, I have to say that having coaching with Anastasia is one of the factors which led to my success. She helped me find clarity in my family and my two professional projects in life. I was stuck with some emotions and she knew how to help me take responsibility on my actions, and to go forward. She knows how to challenge you setting goals, deadlines, and follow up accountability. Last but no least, she shared with me useful material to apply in my life and wonderful books recommendations. "

Roberto Ducoing, Private Banker of your Legacy, Mexico

What makes the High Performance Coaching Program different?

It’s a complete, holistic program - WAY more than just usual business coaching for entrepreneurs.

Each week we’ll focus on a specific critical area of your life, by looking at your goals and giving you clarity for your next steps so that you can massively improve EVERY SINGLE AREA of your life.

We’ll coach, plan and brainstorm together.

We work on your business goals, making progress in detail and working out the right structures that work for YOU. So that you can have the lifestyle you ultimately desire.

The entire focus is on helping you get the outcomes you want, with my 100% commitment to your results.

By the end of our time together, you will:

Know WHAT to prioritize, to successfully grow your business AND have the lifestyle & time you want for yourself

Get the advanced strategies and tools that high performing entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. You’ll see the vision for your business and lifestyle coming into reality and believe it’s totally do-able for YOU.

Learn exactly what it takes to balance work, family & life, without stretching yourself thin.

Create the huge business success you want and build a legacy for your family – with the luxury of time! Time to spend with your kids, being there for the things that matter. Taking regular getaways with your loved ones and being more present (wherever you are, being ALL there – rather than being physically present but with your mind firmly elsewhere!).

Wake up everyday EXCITED

Remember how that used to feel?! You’ll know exactly what’s most important, to grow your business to the next level. When you see consistent progress in your business, you can enjoy more free time, completely guilt-free. You’ll feel more energized, fulfilled and lit up, knowing you CAN have it all.

Attract the right clients you WANT to work with.

You’ll have laser-focused clarity on exactly who you want to work with – and who you don’t. No more of the wrong clients, draining your time and energy.

Understand what you want from your life, at a deeper level

If you ever feel like something is missing - this is about making room for those deeper conversations & a deeper level of thinking, in a more spiritual context. Exploring what you want from your life and your role in life, to feel completely fulfilled - both personally AND in your work – and understanding the most important changes to make. 

Over & over again, clients around the world tell me about the huge shifts that happen, after just a few sessions. And HOW many possibilities open up for them, through our work together.

"Every week I coach with Anastasia, she finds new ways to challenge me to push beyond what I think my limits are! She cheers me on & celebrates my successes with me. It truly is a joy to get to work with her!"

Katie Metzger, Manager, New York

An Investment In Yourself


  • 12 60-minute group coaching sessions using Zoom video conferencing system
  • 12 60-minute group question and answer sessions to keep you focused and making progress
  • Step-by-step guidance - so you're never wondering what your next move should be.
  • Free up your time - effective solutions to achieve MORE + work less.
  • My personal support every step of the way, to increase your productivity and hold you accountable.
  • And ongoing support in between our sessions


All for an investment  of 2.500 €

(or 6 monthly installments of 450 €)

Other payment arrangements available, please ask me. 

Payment Plan Options


2.500 €

12 Group Sessions of High Performance Coaching curriculum

12 Group Sessions of Live Question and Answer calls

Added Bonus:  Monthly Training on  Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Exclusive Bonus: Two 30-minute one-on-one sessions with me



450 €
per month

12 Group Sessions of High Performance Coaching curriculum

12 Group Sessions of Live Question and Answer calls

Added Bonus:  Monthly Training on  Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs


Your Coaching Sessions in depth

Start on January 13, 2020 at 4 pm CET

Explore your real desires – do you know yet what you REALLY want, from your business and your life? – and develop new success habits that support you

Get clear on your real priorities (not the ones we all fall into!). When you have 100% clarity on what’s priority, you think and handle everything differently – to truly start thriving again

Create more energy. Learn to better direct your mental AND physical energy, to pursue your goals with real power

Discover where you are still playing too small. Develop the mental strength you need, to follow your personal + business paths feeling completely determined & focused

Become more productive right NOW in all areas of your life. Get access to the proven tools to improve your productivity, quickly and easily

Understand why it is so important to positively influence the people around you. Learn how you can become an even more influential person, in every area of your life (at home AND at work)

Master your new positive mindset and feel more focused, happy and motivated

Learn advanced techniques to feel immediately more energised (and more alive!)

Prioritize like the successful, high performing entrepreneur you are. Minimise distractions with ease & become a productivity machine

Gain highly persuasive skills in private and professional situations, to build & lead a strong team in all areas of your life (and yes, your support at home is AS important as in your business, for balance, success & wellbeing)

Recognise and live your true purpose in life! Feel ready to go out into the world and be the leader you’re meant to be

Celebrate your progress. Discover your next big areas for commitment and high performance – and figure out the next steps for YOUR most successful life!

This 12 Session curriculum is designed specifically for ambitious high achievers.  

It’s critical that it’s right for you, at this point in your life – AND that I am the right coach for you.

"I have decided to work with Anastasia because I have experienced her as very open, spiritual, positive and these things are very important to me in a coach. Trust is very important to her, that's great. The energy that jumped over on me was amazing. She has motivated me to change things like going more present and positive through my day. From the time with her I’ve learned to set priorities, create time for myself and to stand up for me."

Rahel Sundag, MD, Germany

Payment Plan Options


2.500 €

6-Month Group Coaching Calls starting in January 2020



450 €
per month

6-Month Group Coaching Calls starting in January 2020


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied, for whatever reason within 30 days of the program, I will give you 100% of your investment back. No questions asked. Just send me an email.


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