I work with ambitious entrepreneurs - like you -

to reach that next level in your business. WITHOUT missing time with your friends & family, sacrificing your own wellbeing OR draining every last drop of your energy.

You deserve a thriving business AND to enjoy your journey to success.

It doesn’t HAVE to be one at the expense of the other.

If you ever feel like you’re playing a role – like you have to separate & supress parts of yourself, to achieve all the professional success you want - I’m here to tell you that the opposite is true.

Maybe it’s your spiritual side. Your faith & your deep beliefs. Maybe it’s your femininity, which you’ve always felt you’ve had to play down, to be taken seriously.

Maybe it’s your relationship with your husband or wife and children. Your passions in life. Maybe it’s simply the time spent quietly in nature, that makes you feel restored & connected.

So many of us feel like to achieve the next level of success, we have to override those things. It’s what we’re taught - follow a process & do X, Y & Z, to get to where we want to be.

Spirituality, family, faith, femininity, passion, feeling connected, health...

they have no part in that success process. Right?

But the problem is that those things matter. Those things make who you are.

And when you feel like they have to be separate, there’s just this huge disconnect. The success comes but it doesn’t bring the fulfilment you thought it would.

So you keep on pushing; keep on striving for the next income goal. The next level of growth. But it never, ever feels enough.

I believe that real success is quite the opposite of separating yourself. When you focus on creating success that embraces ALL these parts of you, everything falls into in place.

You don’t have to sacrifice who you are & the things that matters to you, to be successful.

Don’t get me wrong – this is about taking huge action!

My approach to coaching is very strategic. It’s about putting in place the structures you need, with a clear path to get to the next level of success. I have a very disciplined, solution-driven mindset.

But I work with so many people whose marriage isn’t in a great place. They’re not spending as much time at home as they’d like (and sometimes have lost someone they love), pushing so hard in their business.

Often, other parts of their life that have slid away too. The spiritual connection, friendships, passions or health.

I’ve been there too – and I know it’s not intentional. It just happened, somewhere along the way, while you were striving to make your vision a reality.

When I help my clients to integrate who they really are into what they do, they often say it feels like a huge relief.

I’m Anastasia Lengyel – High Performance Coach

I’m trained in the most elite Certified High Performance Coaching training in the world. It’s science based (which suits my solution-based personality!) and proven to deliver the results you need.

Thousands of people have successfully gone through this process with stunning results - even Oprah, presidents and top Olympic athletes. It’s different from any coaching you’ve experienced before.


Why working with me?

I was in the Army for 12 years. From the age of 17 (when I joined), I learnt that it was ‘safe’ & acceptable to show certain parts of yourself. Other parts, I learnt to keep firmly buried away.

I’m so proud of my military career. It taught me so much & made me who I am today. During my career as a soldier, I developed a disciplined, determined and solution-based mindset, which this perspective translates into the high performance world of business. 

But when I left, I carried that way of being over into the next phase of my entrepreneurial & personal life.

I embodied a very masculine energy. I felt it was more aligned (even necessary) for success – being strong & tough, in a very masculine way.

I thought I had to ‘be’ a certain way to succeed, with no place for gentler things like spirituality or passion.

But the more my business & success grew, the harder it felt.

I was overwhelmed, frustrated, unhappy. I’d hit my goals & targets, be on a complete high for about 1 hour before wondering what was wrong with me; why I still didn’t felt successful.

Strong does not have to mean masculine. You can be strong and spiritual and feminine. You can be masculine, passionate and spiritual. Whoever you really are.

You can achieve incredible success AND thrive in every aspect of your life.

I’d love to help you go for your goals in a whole new way.

My passion is helping you get absolute clarity, in a safe environment with no judgement.

I will always challenge you to go deeper. We’ll get to the root of what you really want (perhaps for the first time ever).

It’s about 100% going for your massive goals – taking huge action, with the exact strategy to get there – but with love and support.

It’s not whimsical or fluffy. Everything has a structure. But in a way that blends all of you & who you really are, into a path to success that’s do-able and grounded.

You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone, both personally & professionally, but in a way that feels completely aligned with your views, your beliefs & who you really are.

I’m trained in the most elite Certified High Performance Coaching training in the world. It’s science-based (which suits my solution-based personality!) and thousands of people have successfully gone through this process with stunning results - even Oprah, presidents and top Olympic athletes.

It’s different from any coaching you’ve experienced before. And my professional background offers a unique combination of skills and insight to my high-level coaching clients, too.

Hopefully now, you’ll see why working with me is so different from any coaching you’ve experienced before.

I’m 100% not right for everyone. But if you’d like to explore more about working together, just click the button down below and book a call.




Together we'll explore how you can up-level your business success and have more time for what matters most to you.

"I absolutely loved my sessions with Anastasia. It's such an inspiring and thoughtful way to begin each week. Anastasia would consistently challenge my way of thinking and help me in generating options to improve both my life and my business. During our work together she inspired me to not only think about, but commit, to showing up in the world more powerfully. Her level of joy, challenge, and unique perspective she consistently brings to every session is game changing. She also has incredible tools and strategies to help you bring more clarity and focus to your business. If you have the opportunity to work with Anastasia don't hesitate! She will bring a whole new dimension to your life and business."

Nathan Smith
Coach, New Hampshire, USA

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