You WANT more meaning in life.

But maybe you...

Are tired of rushing through life?

The years go by so quickly, but it seems not much has really changed on the outside. You're questioning if this is all that life has to offer? And you’re starting to feel there must be more to life.

Feel like you have to play a role?

You're wearing a mask for so long, that you have forgotten who you really are. You think you have to separate parts of yourself, to achieve all the professional success you want. So you keep on pushing, keep on striving for the next income goal. The next level of growth. But it never, ever feels enough.

Find yourself in the midst of uncertainty?

Maybe you‘re in the midst of a career transition, or you're afraid in which direction the world is going right now that you're paralyzed. You want to go for your dreams, but keep thinking 'What if it's not gonna work out?' Or maybe you have so many options in todays world, that you are afraid to choose the wrong path. So you rather stay in your comfort zone than taking the leap of faith to follow your soul's calling.

Wonder what's your path and mission in life?

Sometimes it feels like everyone has a purpose in life, but you? Especially in todays world where everyone can become anything and anyone, you want to know more than ever WHO AM I? You're confused 'Do I have a purpose, or do I give myself a purpose?'

Does ANY of this sound familiar?

If you ever feel like you have to be a certain way to achieve success, I'm here to tell you that the opposite is true.

Maybe it’s your spiritual side. Your faith & your deep beliefs. Maybe it’s your femininity, which you’ve always felt you’ve had to play down, to be taken seriously.

So many of us feel like to achieve the next level of success, we have to override those things. It’s what we’re taught - follow a process & do X, Y & Z, to get to where we want to be.

You don’t have to sacrifice who you are & the things that matters to you, to be successful.

Reveal your true purpose & mission in life.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Experience more meaning, ease and freedom

  • Be grounded, calm & joyful everyday

  • Transform fear, doubt and uncertainty into faith

  • Be clear & confident in your calling
  • Receive daily support & guidance during times like this

  • Join a positive minded online community
  • Strengthen your connection with the Universe

  • Be deeply aligned with your purpose and mission in life

I believe that real success is quite the opposite of separating yourself.

When you focus on creating success that embraces ALL parts of you, everything falls into in place.

You'll understand WHO YOU REALLY ARE on a professional, personal and spiritual level.

And reveal your true life's purpose and know your mission in life.

In this course you'll receive the most transformative rituals, tool and methods I've ever come across to create ease, joy and fulfillment in your life like you've never experienced before!

Hi, I'm Anastasia Lenygel

I was in the Army for 12 years. From the age of 17 (when I joined), I learnt that it was ‘safe’ & acceptable to show certain parts of yourself. Other parts, I learnt to keep firmly buried away.

I’m so proud of my military career. It taught me so much & made me who I am today. But when I left, I carried that way of being over into the next phase of my entrepreneurial & personal life.

I embodied a very masculine energy. I felt it was more aligned (even necessary) for success – being strong & tough, in a very masculine way.

I thought I had to ‘be’ a certain way to succeed, with no place for gentler things like spirituality or passion.

The more my business & ‘success’ grew, the more I began searching for a deeper sense of alignment. I was on the right path, but it felt such a long journey. And still, something was missing. I became overwhelmed and frustrated. I’d hit my goals & targets, but I was always searching for the one thing I could do even better next time. The thing that wasn’t perfect – minimizing my success, rather than celebrating it.

Each time I hit a new goal, I still didn’t feel the way I wanted to feel.

Strong does not have to mean masculine. You can be strong and spiritual and feminine.

You can be masculine, passionate and spiritual. Whoever you really are.

You can achieve incredible success AND thrive in every aspect of your life.

I’d love to help you go for your goals in a whole new way.

Life Purpose Clarity Program

Here's what is included

  • Every week there is a 90-minute group coaching session using Zoom for video conferencing.
  • In every session you'll receive methods and tools that support you to come into deep alignment, release any fear or doubt and give you the clarity you're searching for.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group, so that you are always supported and surrounded by a fantastic community of positive minded people
  • We’ll go deeper, working at a more substantial personal level than you may have ever experienced before. Rather than staying at the surface and finding ‘quick fixes’, we’ll examine your life and your role in life in a more spiritual context, to create the deeper level of meaning & satisfaction you’ve been searching for in your work AND your life.
  • Plus ongoing support in our Facebook Group in between your sessions, to keep you feeling motivated, energized, inspired and aligned!

What makes the Life Purpose Clarity Program different?

It’s an interactive & intuitive program - WAY more than just a usual online program, where you get some worksheets and the rest is self-study.

You have my support all along the way. Each week we'll focus on a different topic to give you more and more clarity around your calling and purpose in life. 

In this course you‘ll receive the most transformative rituals, tools and methods I‘ve ever came across to create ease, joy and fulfillment in your life like you‘ve never experienced before!

By the end of our time together, you will:

Know YOUR purpose and mission in life

You‘ll understand, know and be aware of WHO YOU REALLY ARE on a professional, personal and spiritual level. And reveal your true life’s purpose and know your mission in life. You‘ll have deepen your connection with yourself, your soul, your higher power and with others in your life.

Ready to step into your zone of genius with confidence and going for it big times

Experience more meaning, ease & freedom in your business or career. You'll be 100% yourself and be crystal clear in which direction to go, while feeling joyful, calm, restored & connected with yourself again.

Understand what you want from your life, at a deeper level

Know what you want in your life on a soul level and be clear about your role in life, so that you'll feel completely fulfilled - both personally AND in your work – and understand how to make the most important changes in your life to actually LIVE your purpose. 

There was never a more important time than now, to start focusing on your life’s work and integrating all of who you are into all what you do.

Lenyfer Garrido

Lenyfer Garrido, Toronto, Ontario

Anastasia gave me the tools to realize that I have everything to make my dreams happen. She guided me with questions that gave me a big breakthrough, which is the first Coach who has ever done that for me.

It's an Investment in Yourself

  • 8 x 90-minute group coaching sessions using Zoom video conferencing system
  • Advanced methods and tools that support you to come into deep alignment.
  • strengthen your internal clarity you're searching for.
  • Private Facebook Group of highly supportive & positive minded people
  • Ongoing support in between our sessions in the Facebook Group

Payment Plan Options

Single Payment

1.600 €

  • 8-Week online group program
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Call's
  • Small Private Facebook Group
  • Personalized support

BONUS:  45-minute Private Coaching Session with me



540 € per month

  • 8-Week online group program
  • Weekly LIVE Zoom Call's
  • Small Private Facebook Group
  • Personalized support

Life Purpose Clarity Program in depth


Program Start: June 10, 2021









30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not fully satisfied, for whatever reason within 30 days of the program, I will give you 100% of your investment back.