Gratitude Reminder

Even if your in a rush, make sure to pause for 30 seconds and be grateful for ALL the things in your life that YOU HAVE. 

Lately a woman said to me „It must be wonderful to live your life. You have a meaningful work, run your own business and have a loving husband“

My answer was: „You’re right. I am living a wonderful life. And I’m deeply grateful for this. But I experience challenges in life, like everybody else here on earth.“


Don’t let the outside picture fool you, to think others live a perfect life where everything is always going smooth.


I value real talk, over surface talk. So let me be honest here. (Spoiler alert: I come back to a positive tone at the end again 😉)

Let me share in full honesty, since starting my business a couple of years ago, I’ve experienced a couple of months where I didn’t know how to pay off my bills, no money coming in, borrowing money, big trouble in my relationship, not seeing one friend in months because I felt the pressure to make this business work, prioritizing career over family and everything else, even wrecking my health while passionately hustling through my days, without seeing the final bang coming at the end.

Starting and sustaining in business is not easy job. It’s clearly not for everyone. But the right thing for some!

If you‘re running a business, you know it takes tremendous effort, consistency, conscious decisions to take risks, scary investments without having the guarantee that they pay off, being super happy about the investment, and being screwed, learning the hard way, hiring the right, and the wrong people, and feeling the constant heavy weight on your shoulders of always being the responsible person in every area of your life.

While all turns out good at the end, it can be scary sometimes when life gifts us with the unpleasant experiences of hardship, fear, lack and frustration. I know this for sure.

At the same time, while some of this maybe is part of the deal, there‘re so many amazing things along the journey of your life and business to be grateful for.

No matter if you celebrated Thanksgiving, or just had a regular working day. I encourage you to appreciate ALL THE THINGS 🙏🏼 that are well and good daily, as well as the hard lessons.


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