How to work less hours

I have to admit something....I started this week totally lazy!

With three days not working - absolutely guilt free. I had booked a get away with my dear girlfriends in Frankfurt and it was just lovely!

That’s the best thing about owning your own business, right? Taking time off whenever you want.

When you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably started your own company in the first place, to make more money than in your corporate job AND to have more freedom to do whatever you want, when you want it. Not to work 24/7.

Do you find yourself working all the freakin‘ time?

Well, maybe you believe you have to work very hard and can’t afford to take time off. Or you’re fighting fires everyday, and your most important work seemingly has to wait until you’re done with managing your endless to-do list, so you end up working till late in the evening.

The key to work less hours and have more time or yourself is being crystal clear on your...

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