Gratitude Reminder

Even if your in a rush, make sure to pause for 30 seconds and be grateful for ALL the things in your life that YOU HAVE. 

Lately a woman said to me „It must be wonderful to live your life. You have a meaningful work, run your own business and have a loving husband“

My answer was: „You’re right. I am living a wonderful life. And I’m deeply grateful for this. But I experience challenges in life, like everybody else here on earth.“


Don’t let the outside picture fool you, to think others live a perfect life where everything is always going smooth.


I value real talk, over surface talk. So let me be honest here. (Spoiler alert: I come back to a positive tone at the end again )

Let me share in full honesty, since starting my business a couple of years ago, I’ve experienced a couple of months where I didn’t know how to pay off my bills, no money coming in, borrowing money, big trouble in my relationship, not seeing...

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